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JB-150N-HEAD Wireless thermostat knob

Product description

JB-150N-HEAD Wireless thermostat knob

The JB-150N-HEAD is a fully wireless thermostat knob that can be linked to all Jablotron 100 panels!
It is used to control a radiator valve or underfloor heating.

This thermostat knob is combined with a PG relay module to activate or deactivate the boiler.
Jablotron has wired and fully wireless thermostats that can be selected to complete the system.

In the system you can create a zone with several thermostat buttons. This way you can divide the building into several zones of heating!

A maximum of 16 actuators can be installed in a building independent of the settings of individual thermostats.
The correct adapter type must be selected for the installation in accordance with the radiator valve. As supplied by the manufacturer, the actuator includes the base VA 50 adapter, which is designed for common valves with the screw connection dimensions of M30 × 1.5.
If necessary, we offer 4 other adapter types: JB-VA16,
JB-VA26, JB-VA78 and JB-VA80.

The valve actuator is then simply assigned to a thermostat registered in the control panel. Then together they offer the following functions:
- Automatic switch to economy temperature when setting the property
- Weekly schedule mode
- Ability to enter the manual temperature setting
- Possibility to switch it off if only a minimum temperature in the building needs to be maintained
- Heating suppression in case of an open window
- Report in case of overheating or freezing

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