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VTO2202F-P-S2 outdoor station, IP and 2wire, 160gr camera, PoE


VTO2202F-P-S2 outdoor station, IP and 2wire, 160gr camera, PoE

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VTO2202F-P-S2 outdoor station, IP and 2wire, 160gr camera, PoE

Dahua, door station, IP and 2 wire use, 2MP WDR camera with IR light, Mechanical button, Night vision & speech indicator, 160° angle of view. Power supply via 2-wire, front plate in aluminum alloy, IP55 & IK07, surface-mounting and flush-mounting box not included, power supply via 2wire or PoE.

The VTO2202F-P-S2 is an outpost from the new generation of Dahua Video Intercom products. The communication of this generation of video intercom products is via the SIP protocol. This protocol ensures a good speaking-listening connection and offers possibilities for integration with third parties. The appearance of the outdoor station is modernized, vandal-proof and IP55. The VTO2202F-P-S2 is suitable for both IP and/or the 3rd generation 2-wire Intercom products. The VTO2202F-P-S2 is compatible with all Dahua Video Intercom IP products from firmware version 4.3.


  • PoE: This intercom is PoE capable. This makes it possible to provide the module with power and network connection with one network cable. This is then excluding power supply for the door lock.
  • 2nd Door control from secure area with the DEE1010B: The DEE1010B is a module that can be connected to the main module via RS485. This allows additional contacts to be added to the VTO2202F-P-S2 system over a secure connection. The main connection to the module is the NO/NC relay. This can be used as a 2nd door control.
  • Suitable for PoE and 2-wire communication: The VTO2202F-P-S2 is suitable for IP technology with power over PoE and can simultaneously combine it with 2-wire communication. More information about this can be found in the following FAQ: Applying Dahua 2-Wire and PoE Intercom together
  • Push notifications in DMSS app: It is possible to receive push notifications in the DMSS app. By adding the outdoor station to the app. An indoor station is not necessary for this VTO.


  • H.265: By default, the video compression is set to H.265, however some internal units only support H.264. The compression can be changed in the settings of the VTO
  • Lighting: The nameplate of the VTO is not illuminated, making the nameplate difficult to read in the dark
  • 3rd generation 2-wire cannot be used in combination with 2nd generation 2-wire switches: The S2 models support the 3rd generation 2-wire communication. This also means that these are not suitable for combining with the previous 2nd generation switches. On the basis of IP, these generations are compatible with each other. By linking both switches with each other on the basis of IP, mutual communication is possible
  • Door lock power supply not via PoE: An external power supply is required to power a door lock.
  • Sealing: The front of the outdoor station is IP65, the rear still needs to be sealed
  • Notifications/Notifications in DMSS can be delayed: When ringing the bell, the notifications are sent directly by the outdoor station, so they generally arrive quickly. But they can also come in delayed. Various factors influence this, such as internet speed on the sending and receiving side, traffic on Dahua's cloud servers and the status of the notification servers of Apple and Android.
  • External bell/buzzer only possible in combination with VTH: without an indoor station, this outdoor station cannot control an external doorbell


  • Outdoor installation: The intercom unit is IP65 and therefore suitable for outdoor installation. It is spray-proof up to 12.5 liters per minute. The rear must be completely sealed. Too much water can have a negative effect on the operation of the outpost. It is therefore advised to be careful when placing the intercom in the direct open air where wind and rain have free rein.
  • DMSS app and push notifications for multiple users: Be careful with the number of users who will be working with the app and this intercom system. The advice is not to use more than 5 users per push button. Also, the module is not powerful enough to send video and audio data to a large number of users at the same time,
  • Multiple Dahua Outposts: It is possible to use multiple and different outposts in one system. Keep in mind that a maximum of 1 outpost can serve as a SIP server. The rest is subordinated.
  • Keep the firmware versions the same: Try to work with the same firmware versions for the indoor and outdoor stations as much as possible. The latest firmware can be found with the product under the downloads tab. More information about updating firmware see the following FAQ item: Updating Dahua Intercom




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