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    Service explanation for JA-150P

    Wireless PIR detector

    This product is part of the JABLOTRON JA-100 alarm system. It provides spatial detection of the movement of people within buildings. The detection characteristic can be changed by using an alternative lens. False alarm immunity is optional, on two levels. The detector has a pulse response (only reports its own activation), communicates wirelessly and is powered by two alkaline batteries. The product is intended for installation by a trained technician with a valid Jablotron certificate.

    The detector can be installed on a wall or in a corner of the room. Within his field of vision there must be no objects that change temperature quickly (electric heaters, gas appliances and the like), no moving objects (e.g. billowing curtains above a radiator) or pets. It is not recommended to install the detector opposite windows or reflectors, not even where the air flows (ventilation, air conditioning, drafts, non-closing doors, etc.). There must be no objects in front of the detector that obstruct the view.

    Picture: 1 - holes for mounting on a flat wall; 2, 4 – holes for corner mounting; 3 – click clamp of the electronics board; 5 – snap clip of the cover;

    1. Open the detector cover (by pressing the snap clip 5). Do not touch the PIR sensor (11) inside - so as not to damage it.
    2. Take out the electronics – it is attached to the click clamp (3).
    3. Make holes for screws in the plastic back wall and place it on the wall. The recommended height for installing the detector is 2.5 m above the floor.
    4. Set Immunity Jumper as required, see detector setup.
    5. Replace the electronics and follow the installation manual of the control panel. Basic Steps:
    a. The control panel must have the JA-110R radio module.
    b. Select the desired position in the F-Link program on the Peripherals card and start the learning mode with the Read button.
    c. Insert the batteries (note the correct polarity). With the insertion of the second battery in the detector, the learning signal will be sent to the control panel and the detector will learn the chosen position. The detector is stabilizing (may take up to three minutes), indicated by the signal light on.
    6. Close the detector cover and check operation.

    Figure: 6 – red activation signal light; 7 – batteries; 8 – adjustable Immunity jumper; 9 – serial number; 10 – tamper switch; 11 – PIR sensor;

    If you want to teach the detector in the receiver after the battery has already been connected, first disconnect the battery, then press and release the display contact (10) (to use up the residual energy) and only then let the detector to learn.
    The detector can also learn into the system by entering the serial number (9), via the F-Link program, or via the keypad (or via barcode reader). All numbers below the barcode must be entered (1400-00-0000-0001).

    Set detector
    Immunity level can be set with the jumper on the electronics board in the detector and determines immunity against false alarms. NORM (factory setting) combines basic immunity with a fast response. HIGH is increased and provides better immunity, but the detector responds more slowly.
    Detector working modes
    The detector has 2 modes, which are indicated by one or two flashes when the battery is inserted.

    One flash means that the detector is operating in Smartwatch mode, intended for permanent monitoring of movement in the confined space. If motion is permanently detected, three notifications are sent, each time after 20s, then the next notification is only sent after 2 minutes. If no permanent motion is detected for 10 minutes, it will revert to three notification mode every 20s.

    Two flashes mean One Minute Interval mode. After motion is detected, the detector goes to sleep for 1 minute, after which time it is active again for the whole time until the next detection.
    The working mode is determined in such a way that when inserting the batteries, you press and hold the detector's display contact (10), insert the battery and release it after 3 - 5 seconds. The detector flashes once or twice depending on the currently set mode. The Smartwatch mode is set from the factory.

    Detector testing
    For 15 minutes after closing the detector cover, the signal light indicates any movement and reports it to the control panel. At the end of this period, the detector reverts to the mode selected when the battery was inserted.
    The operation of the detector can also be checked using the F-link program, in the Diagnostics bookmark.
    Replace batteries in the detector
    The system automatically reports that the batteries are running low. Before replacing the batteries in the detector, the system must switch to Service mode (otherwise tamper alarm will be triggered).
    Detection characteristic
    The detector is equipped with the 110°/12m lens from the factory. The room is covered by 3 fans (curtain fields) – see the next picture.

    The characteristic can be changed by using an alternative lens:

    JS-7904 is intended for long corridors, has a range of up to 20m
    With this lens, the higher level of analysis cannot be used!
    JS-7906 only has the top curtain field of 120°/12m and does not cover the floor (can eliminate small animal movement across the floor)
    JS-7901 vertical curtain field – does not cover the surface, but creates a detection wall (a barrier can be defined, any violation is reported)

    Note: After replacing the lens, check that the detector covers the room properly (an incorrectly installed lens may cause a detection error).

    Technical parameters
    Power supply 2 pcs. alkaline battery AA (LR6) 1.5V 2400mAh
    Typical battery life approx. 2 years (longest in the
    smartwatch mode)
    Communication band 868.1 MHz, protocol JABLOTRON
    Communication range approx. 300 m (free terrain)
    Recommended installation height 2.5 m above the floor
    Detection angle / detection coverage 110° / 12 m (with base lens)
    Dimensions 95 x 60 x 55mm
    Classification grade 2
    according to EN 50131-1, EN 50131-2-2,
    Environment according to EN 50131-1 II. inside, general
    Operating temperature range -10 to +40 °C
    Further complies with EN 50130-4, EN 55022

    Product JA-150P is designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable provisions: Government Decree No. 616/2006 Coll., provided that it is used according to its intended purpose. Original declaration of conformity can be found on in the advice section.

    Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials, do not dispose of it with household waste, but hand it in at the collection point designated for electronic waste.


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