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12V power supply for Hub 2


12V power supply for Hub 2

Product description


Ajax 12V power supply for Hub 2

Ajax 12v power supply board for connecting the control panel of the Hub 2 to a low-voltage source.

In a warehouse

Use the security system with visual alarm verification in buildings without mains voltage or with an unstable power supply. With a 12 V power supply, you can connect hubs and signal amplifiers to low voltage or use a portable battery.

In a trailer

Ajax protects your house, even if it is on wheels. Connect the hub to a car or portable battery and let the security system travel with you.

On a boat / yacht

Place a SIM card, connect the hub to the network or the battery on board and Ajax ensures that your boat is safe at the pier.


The power supply board is compatible with the Hub 2 control panel. It is equipped with a standard connection for connecting the power plug and has an additional adapter connection (TA).


The 12 V power supply (PSU) is installed in the housing of the device and replaces the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply.

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Ajax Systems 12V power supply for Hub 2
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