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    Smart Hub 2 Plus GSM LAN 2G/3G/4G WIFI

    Product description

    Do you want a SIM card in this alarm system? Then pay attention:

    This is the only AJAX exchange that has 4G.

    Also make sure to disconnect the power from the HUB before inserting the SIM card!

    Hub's intelligent control panel is an important part of the Ajax security system. The device monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors and immediately sends an alarm signal to the owner and the central reporting point.

    Working principle

    The device collects information about the detector's operation in a coded format, analyzes the data and, in the event of an alarm, notifies the owner of the system and control panel in just a few milliseconds.

    Immediate communication with users and the alarm security company

    Communication with the outside world is crucial for alarm control panels because it allows alarm signals to be delivered quickly. The new Ajax control panel ensures extremely stable communication.

    Hub 2 Plus is equipped with a connection with 4 independent channels, including LTE. This configuration allows you to connect the device to two separate ISPs via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, while two cellular services serve as a backup. Switching between channels is done seamlessly in just seconds.

    Verify alarm with photo in 9 seconds

    Photo verification is the very latest in the security industry. This technology is the perfect solution for both commercial and residential buildings: it is accessible and respects your privacy. Users and CMS operators can assess the situation live with animated photo sequences from the MotionCam detectors. But still cameras are only activated in response to alarms, never on request.

    Hub 2 Plus can manage up to 200 MotionCam detectors and send photo confirmations of alarms to users and security companies in just 9 seconds, even when SIM cards are used for communication. Thanks to the support with LTE.
    Guaranteed delivery of alarms and photo confirmations

    We have developed the Jeweler radio protocol to ensure uninterrupted operation of all devices within the security system. Jeweler provides two-way communication between the hub and the detectors at a distance of up to 2000 meters. Ajax devices can be controlled remotely and alarms can communicate in less than 0.15 seconds.

    Jeweler uses time frames to synchronize communication with the connected devices, authentication to prevent counterfeiting and encryption to prevent data leaks. In addition, it is a very energy-efficient radio protocol. The detectors work for years with the pre-installed batteries.

    Automated Security

    Hub 2 Plus supports 64 scenarios that minimize human impact on site security. It can automatically arm and disarm the whole security system or certain groups according to schedule. In addition, the system can immediately activate a smoke protection machine in the event of a break-in, cut the power supply and turn on emergency lighting in the event of a fire, or shut off the water supply in the event of a leak. Using automation equipment, Hub 2 Plus can control lighting, electric locks and shutters. Scenarios can be triggered in response to security mode changes, triggering an alarm, or commands from Button.
    Security of large premises with complex internal distribution
    Multi-storey business centers, factories and villas and outbuildings - Hub 2 Plus can secure even the most complicated properties. The new hub manages up to 200 devices. The radio signal from the new hub can reach up to 2000 meters, while the radio network can reach a maximum of 35 km 2 . Hub 2 Plus can manage 25 security groups with a total of 200 users. This allows security personnel to zone large buildings and clearly organize access for staff.

    Tamper resistant

    No matter what happens to Hub 2 Plus, the security company and users will always be notified. If intruders attempt to disconnect the device, a tamper alarm will sound. If the Ajax Cloud server loses connection to a hub, it sends a notification in just 60 seconds thanks to short ping intervals. Even during a power outage, Hub 2 Plus continues to protect the building for up to 15 hours with the built-in backup battery.

    • Device polling period in 12seconds
    • Loss of connection detection with the hub in 60seconds
    • Backup battery operation up to


    Hub 2 Plus runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system developed by Ajax Systems. OS Malevich is extremely stable, immune to viruses and secure against cyber attacks.

    OS Malevich constantly updates thanks to its modular architecture. The system gets new features several times a year through over-the-air software updates. There are no installers or users required for the process and the implementation only takes a few minutes - only when the security system is disarmed.

    Hub 2 Plus is the most efficient control panel from Ajax. It has a processor that is 4.5 times faster than Hub 2 and has 8 times more flash memory. With this hardware configuration, the device will work for years and stay up to date.

    Operated with apps

    We deliberately didn't add buttons to our control panel and didn't use archaic interfaces. Apps are more comfortable and secure. They connect to a hub through a secure channel with the Ajax Cloud; our server solution located in various AWS data centers. Apps allow users to control security, edit hub settings, configure connected devices, create scenarios, and monitor events. From a smartphone or PC. On site or on the go.
    Hassle-free installation

    Hub 2 Plus works right out of the box. The system comes with pre-installed connections, a power supply and a backup battery. To set up the system, you only need to do a few things. Plug the device into a power outlet, connect it to the internet, insert the SIM cards and scan the QR code using the app. Thanks to SmartBracket, you don't have to disassemble the device for assembly.

    All security system settings are always available in the app. Even if you are far away from the hub, you can connect security equipment or CCTV cameras, add users, test the radio signal strength, create security groups and scenarios, or connect a hub to a security company.

    Differences with the other Hubs:

    Automation of a safe home and office

    Use Ajax scenarios to teach the security system not only to report threats, but also to actively resist them. Adjust night mode according to schedules, turn off office lights when turned on, program projectors to turn on when outdoor motion detectors detect unauthorized presence, or implement an automatic flood prevention system. The system continues to run scenarios, even if the connection to the Ajax Cloud is lost.

    Click here to learn more about AJAX Scenarios






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    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: sidney vermeulen on 14 June 2022
      Top product, uitgepakt de app gedownload en alles snel geinstalleerd. Echt geen enkel probleem tegen gekomen. Ook een dikke 10 voor alarmsysteemexpert , heb al meerdere producten besteld en zeer snel ontvangen ook met vragen k...
      Top product, uitgepakt de app gedownload en alles snel geinstalleerd. Echt geen enkel probleem tegen gekomen. Ook een dikke 10 voor alarmsysteemexpert , heb al meerdere producten besteld en zeer snel ontvangen ook met vragen kun je altijd bij ze terecht.!
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