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Alarm system for port

Your port is a busy area with a large number of goods and a lot of (shipping) traffic, making it easy to lose track. To make your port safe for your personnel and the flow of goods, it is important to use a professional security system. At Alarm System Expert you will find a wide range of products to secure your port. Below you will find some products to professionally secure your port. It is also possible to request a customized security system. This way you can be sure that the alarm system is suitable for your port.

Always an overview with cameras

Your goods flows continue and there is a lot of staff available. Use Hikvision IP camera surveillance to monitor live all corners of your harbor. Do you want to take it a step further? Then you can use Smart 5 series cameras in addition to the standard IP cameras. These cameras contain advanced technology with which they can perform six different behavioral analyzes and facial recognition. They can also detect when objects in sight are removed.

Thermal imaging cameras and fire detection

Due to the large flow of goods, you can quickly lose overview. The bustle of a harbor means that small details are sometimes missed. For example, a starting fire can quickly be overlooked on a large area. In addition to normal cameras, you can also use thermal imaging cameras . This allows you to easily detect increases in temperatures and thus also see starting fires. You can also detect people behind goods based on temperature and check containers for stowaways.

Also, make sure to install inside smoke detectors to detect starting fires. If you choose the AJAX FireProtect plus you will also receive a notification of rapid temperature rise. This way you can prevent the fire even faster and limit damage.

What can Alarm System Expert do for you?

  • We put quality first, so we are a VEB recognized security company . In this way we ensure that our knowledge is always up to date and that you receive the best service and products!
  • Technical terms and complicated installations? Not necessary at Alarm System Expert! For example, at Alarm System Expert you can hand over the installation and maintenance to our expert installers. This way you benefit from a high quality alarm system that is well installed without any effort!
  • In addition, you can always contact us for free advice. We are happy to help you find the perfect alarm system for your port!