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Dahua camera

One of the top brands in the field of security is Dahua. With a Dahua camera you benefit from advanced technology that ensures that your belongings are safe. The Dahua technology is used in more than 180 countries and in sectors such as banking, logistics and transport, public safety and by private individuals. If you are looking for a Dahua camera, you can choose from various models at Alarmsysteemexpert. You can opt for a bullet camera , dome camera or an artificial intelligence camera .

Dahua camera top 5

It is already clear that these cameras are of high quality, but which security camera is best for you? This of course depends on the situation, but to make an easier choice you can also take a look at the Dahua camera top 5. The most sold cameras of the Dahua brand are shown here. Of course, a top 5 does not immediately mean that these products are ideal for you. Look at your situation and what you want a camera for. And which view do you want to protect with a camera?

Do you want to have a fixed angle in view or do you want to have a clear view of the surroundings? For a better view, it is better to choose a camera that can also rotate and see more of the surroundings. Do you have an area outside that you want to secure? Then make sure you choose a camera that is also suitable for this. So it is nice to have a Dahua camera top 5, but keep looking at what is important to you!

Dahua IP camera

Many standard cameras record images, but you cannot always view them. Then you must be present at the location to have access to the images. With a Dahua IP camera you can view your images live anywhere. IP stands for Internet Protocol and this means that the cameras have access to the internet. This makes it easy to view your images on your computer, tablet or smartphone if you have internet. Do you really want to keep an eye on everything? Then you can choose to order an HD IP camera surveillance kit . This is a complete security system including one or more cameras.

Dahua camera system

Do you have a larger area that you want to secure? Then it is useful to use a Dahua camera system. You can connect multiple cameras to this and thus maintain an optimal overview of your site. In addition to a Dahua camera system, you can also opt for an alarm system . In this way you ensure optimal security on and around your site. Make sure you choose suitable HD IP cameras for your situation. Do you mainly want to make the situation safer in the evening? Then choose an HD IP camera with an IR filter (infrared) for better images in the dark. Not sure which cameras are right for your situation? Feel free to contact us or consult our decision aid .

Install Dahua IP camera

You can install a Dahua IP camera yourself or have it done by our installers. We are a VEB Certified Security Company and assure you that the installation is done safely and professionally. Partial installation is also an option. You will take care of the cabling and our technicians will handle the placement of the cameras. By having your Dahua IP camera installed by Alarm SystemExpert you can be sure that the system meets the requirements of insurance companies.