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Hikvision Acusense IP camera Wireless

Is it difficult to lay UTP cables from your camera(s) to the recorder? Then a Hikvision IP security camera wireless is ideal! The various wireless options of Hikvision are equipped with powerline adapters with PoE. This turns any power outlet near the camera into a network connection.

NB! It is important that your current recorder is suitable for your new wireless Hikvision IP security camera. Also check whether it can handle the resolution to benefit from optimal camera surveillance !

Hikvision IP security camera install wirelessly

The powerline adapters with PoE make it a lot easier to install Hikvision surveillance cameras (wireless). With the adapters you can route the internet via the socket to all sides of the house. To another floor, your garden or just to the other side of the room. They use the existing power grid in your home. There is no need to pull long cables and drill holes. Of course you can also have the Hikvision IP surveillance camera installed wirelessly by the professionals of AlarmsysteemExpert!

Buy Hikvision IP security camera wireless

You can always contact the skilled employees of Alarm SystemExpert for more information. If you decide to buy a Hikvision IP surveillance camera wirelessly, you have the following options:

The powerline adapters in the above sets are therefore equipped with PoE out, with which the connected IP camera receives its power directly. super handy!

After the installation of the package, we can schedule you in our agenda with your Order number via . My colleague from the Technical Service will then help you with programming.