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Fever Detection Cameras

These Hikvision fever detection cameras are HD IP cameras and have a thermal effect with which they can measure temperatures. This makes it possible to detect the temperatures of people from a distance. This way you can safely check for flu or fever in people. There are different models of fever detection cameras. You can choose a hand model or the bullet model that you can install on the wall.

Fever Detection Cameras Operation

The AI detection of the Hikvision fever detection cameras reduces false reports. In addition, the results are very accurate due to the patented Hikvision temperature algorithm. Thanks to an integrated sound alarm, you are immediately informed when someone with a temperature increase walks past the camera system.

Install Fever Detection

If you choose the hand model, no installation is required, how easy is that! You can install the fever detection yourself or call in the expert technicians of Alarm System Expert. With some models it is also possible to choose to mount them on a tripod. This way you can easily move the fever detection camera. To have your fever detection camera measure optimally, you can also use a Blackbody , a calibration device in a black housing. This allows you to increase the accuracy of your measurements. Make sure that you keep the recommended distances when setting up the tripods.