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JA-112E Wired Code Keypad

JA-112E Wired Code Keypad

Product description

Jablotron JA-112E Wired code control panel

The Jablotron JA-112E BUS code control panel with RFID contains one control segment and can be expanded with up to 20 JA-192E control segments if required. By using the control segments, the system can be controlled in a simple manner. The panel communicates via the BUS and is also powered by the BUS. In the event of a power failure, the system will switch to an energy-saving function. It is possible to assign it a zone and it only occupies one position in the alarm system.

• Power supply: via the BUS of the control panel, 12 V (9 -15 V)
• Power consumption: AC 140 mA, during the alarm 200 mA
• Standby: maximum 15 mA
• RFID 125 kHz
• Dimensions: 102 x 76 x 33 mm
• Environment in accordance with EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3: II, indoors
• Operating temperature: -10 to 40 ° C

This control panel can be combined with control panels from JA-101KR and the JA-106KR series.

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