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JA-100KR + LAN and radio module

JA-100KR + LAN and radio module

Product description

Jablotron JA-100 KR with radio module and LAN

The JA-100KR control panel is a main component of the JABLOTRON JA-100 alarm system. It is a flexible system that makes it possible to secure small installations such as family homes. The desired settings and the size of the system can be programmed using the F-link Software. All detectors of the Jablotron 100 series can be connected, with the exception of the JA-11x and JA15x code keypad panels. The only working code control panels are the JA-110E and the JA-150E.

The JA-100KR offers:
• up to 32 wireless and / or BUS wired zones
• up to 32 user codes
• up to 4 sections
• up to 4 programmable outputs
• 10 independent time schedules
• System informs up to 8 users per SMS
• 5 users have the voice option and an SMS report at their disposal
• 5 control room settings
• 5 select independent control rooms; forwarding via Contact ID or SIA Protocol

This exchange does not have a GSM dialer, it is available here: JA-101KR GSM + LAN or the separate module JA-190Y

The system has a built-in LAN module, enabling communication via a voice message or SMS (from the cloud) with the users or the monitoring center. The system is equipped with a 1 GB memory card, allowing you to save reports, voice menus, messages, photos and many more things.

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