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Team viewer


Did you know that we also have a helpdesk page? CLICK HERE

If you need help with configuring your camera system, alarm system or router, we offer one-off free support for the basic institutions 1 month after purchase. Are you falling within this month? Please contact us (between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday).

If you fall outside a month, we charge 22.95 per started quarter. Minimum purchase 2 x 15 min.
After the order we will contact you.

You can then order this service HERE .

Remote assistance with team viewer

With some support questions it is useful if our support employee sees your problem with your own eyes, or can carry out an action on your computer. For this, he can temporarily control your computer via TeamViewer.

Are you interested in this? Then install TeamViewer on your computer, call our customer service and indicate that you want to use TeamViewer. You can then continue quickly!



We use TeamViewer to take over your computer. This program establishes a connection between your computer and that of our employee within seconds. This way, our employee can operate your computer as if he were sitting in front of it. Download TeamViewer below to give our employee temporary access to your computer.



TeamViewer for Windows


TeamViewer for Mac OS X




You can start the program immediately after downloading. Installation is not necessary. You will see a screen with two important values:

  • Your ID;
  • Your password.


Make a connection

Pass these values ​​on to our employee. The employee can use this value to log in on your computer once. Once he has performed the desired action, the support employee disconnects the connection and you can close TeamViewer. Our support staff will then no longer have access to your computer.



For your own safety and privacy, we use the provided data once. In a subsequent session, repeat the procedure and use new data.