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Ajax Rex 2 - Repeater / Range Extender -


Ajax Rex 2 - Repeater / Range Extender -

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Product description

Ajax Rex 2 - Repeater / Range Extender

Note: Only compatible with Hub2 and Hub2Plus

Expands the boundaries of the protected area!

Radio signal booster supports photo verification of alarms

More applications of a security system

Signal amplifiers broaden the boundaries of the protected area and give even more possibilities to place devices of security systems. By connecting all or part of the devices 1 to ReX 2, you ensure the security and automation of a business center, estate, warehouse or large factory.

5 signal amplifiers can function within the Ajax system to extend the range of the radio network to 35 km 2 2 . Events and alarms are sent instantly and the first snapshot of the photo verification arrives at a monitoring center within 13 seconds 3 .

Verification of alarms with snapshots

ReX 2 works with motion detectors from MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor. When activated, they take a series of photos to help evaluate events at a facility. With visual verification, the situation can be determined immediately so that users do not have to worry and security companies do not have to send out unnecessary patrols.

Enhanced Security System

ReX 2 works as an additional intelligent control panel: it connects devices in an independent group and takes control at the right time. The automatic signal strength adjustment and image synchronization allow an unlimited number of system devices to be connected to ReX 2 — the reliability of the system is not affected. If radio communication is interrupted for any reason, ReX 2 receives an alarm from a sensor and activates a siren to draw attention to the incident and deter the intruder.

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