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Alarm system for ship / yacht

Do you have a ship and do you transport goods? Or do you have a beautiful yacht for private use? It is important for both to get on the road safely. When you transport goods, you naturally want them to be well secured, but as a private individual you also want your yacht to be safely stored. You can use an alarm system and cameras to take away your worries. Below you can read about products that are ideal for securing your ship or yacht. Specific wishes? We also supply custom alarm systems, so you can be sure that the alarm system suits your yacht or ship!

Thieves? Scare them off with cameras!

Are you afraid of theft of your boat or goods? By using Hikvision IP camera surveillance you can view the situation live. This way you can always keep an eye on things. If someone does hang around your boat, you can immediately use these images to call in auxiliaries or to report them. If your boat or goods are stolen, you can also use the images to track down the thief. Do you want to prevent theft even better? Then choose the Hikvision AcuSense camera. This has a built-in siren and shock lamp, which deter the thieves.

Alarm system to catch red-handed

Unfortunately, you cannot always see everything with cameras, because you cannot continuously view the images. Then an AJAX alarm system is an optimal solution. This system can be monitored from your phone via an app. You will be notified immediately if unwanted visitors are detected, so that you can take immediate action. For example, you can use DoorProtect to immediately receive a notification if your door is forced or glass breakage detection when someone smashes your window.

Also important: water detection!

Burglars are not the only danger if you have a ship or yacht. You sail on the water and if you have a leak on your boat this can have enormous consequences. Be there on time and use water detection . This way you are immediately informed if there is a leak anywhere on your boat. This way you can prevent your goods from getting water damage. With good water detection you will receive a notification within seconds, so you can intervene immediately and prevent major damage.

What can Alarm System Expert do for you?

  • Quality is our top priority, so we are a VEB recognized security company . In this way we ensure that our knowledge is always up to date and that you receive the best service and products!
  • Technical terms and complicated installations? Not necessary at Alarm System Expert! For example, at Alarm System Expert you can hand over the installation and maintenance to our expert installers. This way you benefit from a high quality alarm system that is well installed without any effort!
  • In addition, you can always contact us for free advice. We are happy to help you find the perfect alarm system for your ship or yacht!