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Alarm system for the office

Your company, your customers and their data. Not only the data of your customers, but also of your staff. Of course you want to keep it safe against burglary or fire. Fortunately, at Alarm System Expert you will find a wide range of alarm systems and fire protection to make your office completely safe! You can discuss this with us, so that we can provide a customized alarm system for your office. This way you can be sure that the alarm system suits your office!

Keep an eye out with cameras

Burglars often strike at night and you cannot always keep an eye on everything yourself. Fortunately, Alarm System Expert offers a wide range of Hikvision IP camera surveillance . IP stands for Internet Protocol and this means that you can see live what is happening in your office. This way you will know immediately if there is an unwanted visitor. If you choose an AcuSense camera, you also benefit from a built-in siren and shock lamp that will immediately scare off intruders!

Alarm system to be immediately informed

In addition to using a security camera, you can also choose to use an alarm system. Not all cameras have a built-in siren and shock lamp, so it is useful to have an alarm system that immediately informs you of the situation and deter burglars. If you choose an AJAX alarm system, you also benefit from monitoring via a mobile app. This allows you to effortlessly keep an eye on your office and you will be notified immediately if unwanted movements are detected. In combination with an IP camera, you can immediately see what is going on and if the unwanted visit occurs, you can immediately raise the alarm. Say goodbye to those burglars!

Tip: Do you want to order an alarm system, but not immediately have to purchase a range of cameras? Then you can choose to expand your alarm system with an AJAX MotionCam . This motion detector also has a camera that takes photos when it detects unwanted movements.

Don't just protect against burglars

You can lose your data or valuable devices not only by burglars, but also by, for example, fire and water damage. That is why it is essential to have good smoke detectors and water detection in your office. Especially if you work with electronics, such as computers and printers, there is a higher chance of major damage after fire or water damage. With a good smoke detector and water detection, you are immediately informed if damage can occur. Prevention is better than cure! So make sure you are well prepared for any situation.

What can Alarm System Expert do for you?

  • Quality is our top priority, so we are a VEB recognized security company . In this way we ensure that our knowledge is always up to date and that you receive the best service and products!
  • Technical terms and complicated installations? Not necessary at Alarm System Expert! For example, at Alarm System Expert you can hand over the installation and maintenance to our expert installers. This way you benefit from a high quality alarm system that is well installed without any effort!
  • In addition, you can always contact us for free advice. We are happy to help you find the perfect alarm system for your office.