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JA-110C PIR with photo camera

Product description

Jablotron JA-110C PIR with photo camera


The JA-110C PIR with photo camera is used to take photos of a monitored area and to forward it to the control panel of the JABLOTRON 100 security system.

Photo taking is activated or, by activating a PG output, or by requesting a photograph from the MyJABLOTRON Web Self-Service, or by another detector (by means of PG activation). This setting is supplemented by an optional function, where photographs are taken continuously, which are stored temporarily. They are later removed if there is no activation of the detector. If activation of the detector occurs at any time, a number of pre-activation photographs are saved and post-activation photos are taken and also stored in the memory, taking a pre-selected number of photos during and after the activation of the detector. detector. The camera is equipped with an infrared auxiliary light. The sensor of the camera's ambient lighting can activate a PG output in the system (for example, it can be used to switch on an external IR auxiliary light). The camera is monitored and secured against sabotage by means of a tilt detector. For outdoor use, when there is a risk of direct contact, an additional protective housing is recommended. The camera occupies one position in the system.

Power supply via the bus of the control panel 12 V (9 - 15 V)
Power consumption (standby mode / with additional IR lighting) 15 mA / 150 mA
PIR detection angle of the camera 75 °
Range of additional IR lighting max. 12 meters
Camera resolution LQ 320x240; HQ 640x480 pixels
Environment according to EN 50131-1, IV. outdoor, general
Operating temperature range -20 to + 60 ° C, max. Humidity 75%
Class of protection against intrusion IP65
Dimensions 155 x 75 x 55 mm
Classification level 2 In accordance with EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3
In accordance with EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 50581

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