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DS-KV8213-WME1 | INBOUW | 2 beldrukkers | IR verlichting | PoE | 12v | Mifare kaartlezer


DS-KV8213-WME1 | INBOUW | 2 beldrukkers | IR verlichting | PoE | 12v | Mifare kaartlezer

Op voorraad. levertijd 1 á 2 werkdagen
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"Let op: voor de configuratie van alle intercom systemen is een computer met windows software vereist"

''Belangrijk: Deze module is niet standalone te gebruiken. U heeft hier een binnenpost voor nodig.

DS-KV8213-WME1 | INBOUW | 2 beldrukkers | IR verlichting | PoE | 12v 

- Ondersteuning voor wifi, handig instellen en geen bedrading nodig.
- Ondersteuning webconfiguratie.
- Aluminiumlegering, IP65, IK08, 3 indicatoren geïntegreerd.
- Mifare kaartlezer, 2-ch, toegangscontrole.
- Ruisonderdrukking en echo-onderdrukking.
- 2 MP HD-camera met IR-led.
- Standaard PoE/12 VDC.

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MM | 19 April 2022

I ordered this outdoor station (DS-KV8213-WME1) together with 3 indoor stations (DS-KH6320-WTE).

+ Thanks to the WiFi-functionality, the displays were very easy to install (without laying a LAN cable). The only requirement was a power source.
+ The multilanguage support is quite good. I changed it to German and it's very good translated - even the spoken announcements!
+ The user experience is also good: it's a nice and clean interface, quite reactive to touch events and easy to understand
+ There are a bunch of settings in the iVMS-4200 software which provides a lot of flexibility

- The viewing angle stability of the display is catastrophic. The only good position is attaching it (exactly) at the height of your eyes and standing right in front of it. If you have another person with a different body height in your household, things are getting difficult.
. The devices have DHCP turned off by default, which makes it quite difficult, to integrate them into your existing network (you should attach them to a separate switch [without a DHCP server] and change the network settings according to your needs)
- Hikvision is mostly owned (and controlled) by the Chinese government (which I actually didn't realize before ordering it). You should be aware about all potential impacts of this dependency (e.g. processing your camera footage/door access control via Chinese servers etc.)

DS-KV8213-WME1 | INBOUW | 2 beldrukkers | IR verlichting | PoE | 12v | Mifare kaartlezer is toegevoegd aan uw winkelwagen!

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