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    Dahua XVR5232AN-I3, 32 kanaals Penta-brid 4K1U WizSense DVR


    XVR5232AN-I3, 32 kanaals Penta-brid 4K1U WizSense DVR

    Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It focuses on human and vehicle with high accuracy, enabling users to fast act on defined targets. Based on Dahua's advanced technologies, WizSense provides intelligent, simple and inclusive products and solutions.

    Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, debuted its new XVR series, XVR5000-I3 Series featuring max.full-channel SMD Plus to benefit customers from AI upgrade (The number of channels differs depending on the model. Please refer to the specifications below for information on the number of channels.). This series has been developed to reduce false-alarm rates and the cost of human surveillance, thus bringing great value to customers in search of products with accurate human/vehicle alarm to raise the security level of various indoor and outdoor facilities.

    Face Recognition
    Dahua Face Recognition technology extracts the features of captured faces and compares them with that in face database to recognize the person identity.

    Perimeter Protection
    Automatically filters out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights, etc. Enables system to act secondary recognition for the targets. Improves alarm accuracy.

    SMD Plus
    With intelligent algorithm, Dahua Smart Motion Detection technology can categorize the targets that trigger motion detection and filter the motion detection alarm triggered by non-concerned targets to realize effective and accurate alarm.

    Scheduled AI
    This technology allows multiple AI functions to be set for one channel based on time frames, eliminating the need to manually configure the system to switch between functions each time. Scheduled AI greatly increases efficiency and widens the number of scenarios that the device can be used in.

    Smart Dual Illuminators
    With Smart Dual Illuminators technology, you can select Smart Illumination Mode for the system to automatically switch between IR mode and white light mode. It allows white light to be turned on when a target is detected by the SMD Plus/Perimeter Protection function of AI-enabled XVR. This significantly reduces light pollution at night. Together with other modes, including IR Mode and White Light Mode, the smart dual illumination technology can meet the requirements of a wide variety of scenes.

    One-click Arming/Disarming
    With just one click, you can enable or disable alarm linkages to show messages, send emails, output audio alarms and more, through the mobile app and platform.

    Customizable Alarm Audio
    Designed for your convenience, the TiOC alarm can be customized to meet your needs. It is flexible, allowing you to directly upload your customized audio through the mobile app and XVR.

    AI Coding
    Compared with H.265/H.264, AI coding can reduce more than 50% bit rate and storage requirements without loss of decoding compatibility, providing clear human and vehicle details.

    Audio over Coax
    The integrated design can reduce wiring troubles which makes it much more cost-effective and convenient for installation.

    • H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression.

    • Supports 16-channel AI-Coding.

    • Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs.

    • Max 32 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 6MP; Max 128 Mbps incoming bandwidth.

    • Up to 4 channels video stream (analog channel) Perimeter Protection.

    • Up to 16 channels video stream (analog channel) SMD Plus.

    • Up to 2 channels video stream (analog channel) human face recognition.

    • IoT & POS functionalities.


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